Carpet Cleaning Phoenix AZ

Here at Metro Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we fully understand the struggle of keeping the carpets clean and order free. We know the importance of having cleaned carpets because a dirty carpet can bring harmful viruses to you and your family’s health. Our carpet cleaning in Phoenix, AZ can assure you that we keep your carpet tidy all the time.

We will not only wash and dry your carpet; we also provide a total package, and that includes furniture movements around the room where your carpet is. We offer a service that is complete and hassle-free service.

Maintenance and Cleaning Process

Maintaining a carpet in your house is not an easy job. You need to at least vacuum your carpet at least twice every after two weeks. It is also essential to remove accidental stains immediately to avoid stain marks that will be harder to remove in the future.

Another factor to consider is by having pets in your house. Pets that are not toilet trained can pee on your carpet any time of the day. The smell can stay for a while even after you wipe off and dry the spot.

Of course, if you also have kids at home, you always want to keep the whole place clean. And carpets are number one residents of harmful bacteria that cause allergies to your children.

Having both kids and pets would also mean a consistent cleaning schedule of the matting.

To help you with all these concerns, get professional help from us. We provide carpet cleaning in Phoenix, AZ with a 100% customer satisfaction. Hiring our staffs to vacuum and disinfect your floor coverings would not only keep it hygienic but would also ensure a long-lasting carpet life.

Even if you regularly vacuum your carpet, it is not enough to maintain its excellent condition. This is especially if your carpet costs a fortune. How do we do that? Part of our cleaning technique is to assess what type of material your carpet is and stains that are needed to be removed.

Cellulose Fiber, wool, and silk are all types of carpet materials that differ in nature. We could determine the right detergent to use for these materials to prolong the excellent appearance of your carpet.

Our carpet cleaning method also checks the PH level of your floor covers. For instance, the neutral PH level is 7. A higher number means alkaline level while lower number is for acidic. As we check for the PH level of the carpet, it would help us find out the dirt present on the carpet, thus, will give us the idea of the right cleaning soap to use.

Dirt Free, In, and Out

Overall, our carpet cleaning service is to make the carpets tidy anywhere in your house. So keep your carpets harm free for every member of the family. Get fast result with our cleaning service as we provide the quickest turnaround time. Call us for now for any inquiry that you may have. Set your next appointment online and enjoy our free quote for your carpet cleaning service. 

Carpet Cleaning Phoenix AZ
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