Natural Stone Cleaning Phoenix

With Metro Cleaning Carpet and Tile Restoration, we don’t just clean your tiles and grout. We also want to make sure that we provide proper care for a long lasting life of your tiles. We follow an intensive cleaning process to make sure the natural stones will be dirt free and elegant looking as before.

We offer a complete service of natural stone cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona that not only covers the removal of the unwanted dirt but also makes sure your stones will look as new as possible. Our cleaning technique is first to learn the type of natural stones you may have in your house. Is it marble, granite or limestone? With that information revealed we would know the right cleaning detergent to use.

The grout is another issue. For some, if there is already some black color piling on their tile grouts, their only solution is to undergo a re-grouting process. This may cost higher budget and takes a while to be done. With us, we make a thorough assessment to give you the right recommendation if it needs re-grouting or we need to thoroughly clean. This will enable you to save money, keep the original look of your countertops or flooring

Different Natural Stones for your Tiles

Remember that natural stones in your house can be an attractive addition to your interior. It gives a different taste to your floor tiles, countertops or flooring in your patio. Our highest priority is to clean it and prevent further damage to your stones.

We are aware that some stones like marble and limestone can be sensitive to acidic soaps. And stones like quartz, slate, and sandstones, can be resistant to acidic detergents. But we chose to use solvents that are neutral. This can prevent harmful effects to your natural stones. We make your stones pure from viruses and impurities in the safest way possible.

Appropriate Cleaning Process

Aside from the type of stones that we take into consideration, we are also aware of the different types of stains. Whether your stones are installed inside or outside the house, we know how to manage the dirt.

Some of the common stains are oil, burns, natural stains like algae and moss. Most of the customers would do an immediate action to these stains by using their own detergent and water to wipe off the marks. Some may be successful in this; some are not and may cause further damage to the tile.

So once you are already having a hard time cleaning your tiles and the grout is already evident, then, it is already a signal to call for professional help. Or you may even call us for a regular cleaning service for your carpets and tiles. Get in touch with us on our hotline is 623-516-7771. Our natural stone cleaning in Phoenix, Arizona offers a free quote and exclusive discounts for next cleaning service. Don’t wait until you see hard to remove stains on your tiles. Book now and let’s make your natural stones shine again.

Natural Stone Cleaning Phoenix
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