Upholstery Restoration Service Phoenix

We are a cleaning service company that offer all-around cleaning services for tiles and grout, carpets, janitorial service and a lot more. One of our primary services is to provide disinfection and restoration for your upholstery. A dirty sofa, chair or couch can cause you or your kids an allergy. Here at Market Cleaning Carpets and Tile Restoration, we know how important it is to keep your house inside and out free from all the harmful bacteria that can harm you and your loved ones.

Upholstery Cleaning and Restoration

Our upholstery restoration service in Phoenix includes cleaning, drying and restoring your furniture back to its original look. We provide a very hands-on communication to our clients to make sure we can understand what they want.

We accept job orders from private offices, businesses, and homeowners requesting to clean their upholstery. Whether it is a sofa, a couch, or headboards, we can work it out for you. All we want to make sure is to provide a 100% clean, odorless and classy look result.

Why Hire Us?

It is essential to keep your upholstery clean. Your couch, sofa, and other interiors with upholstering can be a home to clouds of dust and allergens. What we do is to eliminate these invaders to stop them from attacking everyone in the house. But, just cleaning it is not enough. As we execute our very own cleaning techniques and regular maintenance of your furniture, you can be assured that it can be used for a long time.

We hire professional staffs to accomplish the task. We know how important your furniture to you is and we value you as our clients. We train them to handle every furniture with care depending on their material and kind.

Our priority is your time, and we don’t want you to wait long. We make sure to finish the deep cleaning and drying fast enough without any delays. This includes our quick response to your inquiry about our quote. We update you with our appointment day, expected arrival on your location and most of all, the expected time to finish the work.

Our rates are affordable that you even get more than what you pay for. We also offer a free estimate and discounts to customers that entrust their cleaning problems.

Tips for Keeping your Upholstery Clean

Here are some tips to keep the upholstery furniture clean on a regular basis:

Keep it away from direct sunlight. Your chair, sofa or lounge chair can be made from materials that are sensitive to the sun. Direct exposure can harm the dye or the material itself.

Vacuum your sofas from time to time, once a week is enough to remove all the dust accumulated for the whole week.

Use a disinfectant spray that is non-toxic and stain-free. You can keep your upholstery clean by spraying disinfectant regularly.

Most of all get a complete cleaning and upholstery restoration service in Phoenix only from us. We assure to take care of your favorite couch or lounge chair the way you want it to be.

Upholstery Restoration Service Phoenix
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