6 Tips For Quick And Easy Natural Stone Cleaning In Phoenix

Natural stones entail different types of stones that are used to decorate and spruce up the looks of a home. In Phoenix, natural stones such as slate, travertine, and onyx are used to add a glitzy look to your kitchen's countertop, hallway and other parts of your home.

Due to the fact that these natural stones are porous, soaking up liquid and stained easily, they require regular cleaning and maintenance. We have compiled a list of easy ways to clean natural stone cleaning in Phoenix.

Clean With A Synthetic or Soft Clothing Material

A liquid or a cleaner should not be left on the surface of a natural stone. A synthetic and soft clothing material or blow dryer should be used to absorb the liquid until all of it is gone to prevent spotting.

Remove Debris with Brush

The debris on a natural stone to be swept away requires a brush that has soft bristles or a fluffy mop. This is to avoid scratching the natural stone and ruining its look. On a natural stone kitchen countertop, use a soft cotton rag or a handheld duster to remove the debris.

Spread Rug on Natural Stone to Minimize Dirt

To make cleaning easy, you have to minimize the amount of dirt that is found on the natural stones. Dirt on shoes brings the most harm on your natural stone. Spread rug or mats especially on high trafficked spots to trap the dirt.

Clean the Natural Stone’s Rug Regularly

The rugs or mat spread on natural stones should be taken out on a regular basis and shaken to take out the debris and dirt trapped in them. This dirt if left trapped in the rug or mat may scratch the natural stone.

Wipe Counters Regularly with Mild Cleaner

Wipe the counters on a regular basis. Do not use liquid cleaners that contain acidic chemical properties. Always use a mild cleaner with clean water to wipe away the greasy residue. Use a diluted bleach to remove a moldy grout.

Scrub with Soft Bristle Brush

For a soap scum or food crust on the natural stones do not use the rough side of a brush or an abrasive cleaner as this may permanently damage the stone. Scrub off the dirt using a brush with a soft bristle. To avoid scratching the surface of the stone the brushing should be done in a circular motion.

There you have it! Above are a couple of tips for quick and easy natural Stone Cleaning in Phoenix. Natural stones are investments that worth optimum care and maintenance. Whether it is sandstone, granite, marble or slate, these are the best way possible to rid the dirt off from the natural stones in your home at Phoenix.

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