I did a lot of researching prior to hiring a carpet cleaning company.
I own a Real Estate company and it is vital that I use a premier company to clean my carpets/rugs and refer out to my clients.

I had Gabriel and crew come out to clean 2 wool rugs (not easy), a bedroom, sofa and a sitting area. Everything turned out great except one wool rug.  I contacted Metro Cleaning and told them that the one rug did not come out too well and without hesitation, they told me that they would come out and make sure its right as wool carpets can be stubborn.

Gabriel came back, did a re-do and added an additional treatment to the rug and it came out like new.

Metro Cleaning does not only a fantastic job but more importantly, excellent customer service which is key in business and ethics. The prices were reasonable, they confirm appointment times and even send out a text when they are on their way.

I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get carpets, rugs and even tile cleaned.